That was BEEROLOGY 2023!

In October, the first scientific pub festival "Beerology" took place in Neustadt. Over the course of five evenings, not only science enthusiasts but also passionate beer lovers gathered here. The result? Not a single chair was left empty! 

This is us

Live Science e.V. brings the captivating world of science right to you! Up for science, but not keen on museums? No worries, we've got just the thing. We organize events where Dresden's scientists hit the city, be it in Neustadt's pubs, Großer Garten, clubs, or even at Elbe-Center. Right where you are!

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We rely on donations and sponsors for our work. Support us in our mission to bring science to your city! Please use the donation option on this page or contact us directly! 

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If you're eager to infuse the city with the wonders of science in fresh and imaginative ways, we invite you to connect with us! Let's join forces with passionate scientists and organizations to captivate a diverse audience and bring the magic of science to life like never before! Together, we'll make a lasting impact and spark a curiosity that knows no bounds!