Beerology – Science, Beers, and Cheers!

What is this?

Hello Dresden! We are happy to invite you to the scientific pub festival Beerology. The first edition took place in October 2023 in the enchanting Neustadt! 

Imagine sipping on your favorite drink while being awestruck by mind-blowing scientific discoveries. That's exactly what Beerology promises – an electrifying fusion of knowledge and relaxation, where you can rub shoulders with brilliant scientists and learn all about the groundbreaking research happening right here in our city! 

Where and When? 

We are working on the next edition that will probably take place in autumn 2024!

What is in store for you? 

  • Engaging research presentations by our rockstar scientists 
  • A chance to pick their minds in a casual setting 
  • Sip your way through a diverse range of research topics from Dresden 
  • Laid-back atmosphere, friendly vibes, and thought-provoking discussions 
  • Beer


Entry is free, but seats are limited. Therefore, we recommend arriving early to secure your spot. Come by, enjoy a beer, and discover the contributions our scientists make to society. 

Merkt euch die Termine vor und bleibt gespannt auf weitere Informationen, die bald auf unserer Webseite veröffentlicht werden. Wir freuen uns auf euer zahlreiches Erscheinen beim Beerology Festival! 🍻